Another amazing conference in Indianapolis! Our education session “Mining Wi-Fi Data for Insights About Your Community” was well attended by an engaged and active crowd of over 60 people. Our sophisticated monitoring and management system for Wi-Fi also gives us amazing insights into how the community functions; who are the most sophisticated users in the community; what are the most popular applications; are we mostly Apple or Android users and how is that changing year to year; are people using more streaming devices etc. Now we have concrete data to answer these and more questions that will inform the community’s decisions in marketing and expansion efforts.

HealthSignals EVP of Engineering was joined by Andrew Dietzel, Director of IT at Garden Spot Village and Charles Moore, Director of IT at Inglis House for this very insightful session. “Our customers were truly the envy of the providers who attended the session.” Says Bruce Weintraub, CEO of HealthSignals.

This was an excellent followup to our session at LeadingAge Boston on “Wi-Fi for CCRCs and LTPACS – Mistakes to Avoid”.

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