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In-Building Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

Secure your senior living facility with (ERCES). You can add it to your list of fundamental requirements to prevent tragedies at your facility. Learn why this is a must-have infrastructure for your senior living facility.

Medical Grade Wi-Fi ® Is It Worth The Planning & Investment

Medical Grade Wi-Fi ® by HealthSignals provides a rock-solid network infrastructure at affordable cost, and drives higher occupancy rates. Can Senior Living facilities afford not to invest in it?

Telehealth in Senior Living is No Longer a Perk, It Is an Expectation

Empower your residents with easy access to convenient, high quality medical care at their fingertips, powered by HealthSignals Medical Grade Wi-Fi ®. Performance Guaranteed.

Charlene and Wi-Fi: Episode 1

Charlene has a big challenge on her hands; one that echoes what we hear in your halls. Stay tuned for answers in future episodes or if you can’t wait, contact us using the information below.

Top 10 wishes IT Guy

These are actual statements from IT Staff and Consultants that we have encountered in the various Senior Living Facilities and LTPACs we have surveyed since 2011. We thought that this might give the industry CXOs some valuable insight.

Wi-Fi Prof: Top 10 Mistakes

This is a summary of the panel discussion that HealthSignals moderated at the LeadingAge national meeting in Boston. Beaumont, Inglis House and Garden Spot Village were the Provider experts.

Wi-Fi Prof: Real Cost of “Cheap Wi-Fi”

As data becomes the lifeblood of our business, the data infrastructure becomes as important as power, HVAC and water. Doing it right the first time will cost less in the long term.

Speedtest TLC04082016

This was a real speed test conducted on April 8, 2016. No matter what vendors claim in their specs, the proof is in the throughput.

10 Things Wi-Fi Can Tell You About Residents

The data from Wi-Fi use across campus can provide amazing insights, while respecting the privacy of your residents completely. This is an area that will attract more attention in the next few years.

Other Movies of Interest

The biggest changes in medicine in the next decade will come from Data; the biggest change in senior living will come from Social Engagement Platforms, Robotics and Life Extension technologies. Joe Coughlin leads the MIT AgeLab. He is an accomplished advisor and speaker on Aging Technology.

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