HealthSignals Celebrates 10 Years – Offers 3 Months of Free Service

HealthSignals Celebrates 10 Years – Offers 3 Months of Free Service

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., September 7, 2021 — HealthSignals is proud to mark 10 years of providing Technology Infrastructure and Services to Senior Living and LTPAC communities offering new customers 3 months of Free Service.

The company specializes in designing, building, and maintaining future proof Medical Grade Wi-Fi® networks, Dedicated Internet Access, Cellular Boost Solutions, and Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems Solutions to Senior Living communities across the United States.

Their work plays a vital role in enabling cutting-edge medical technology and telehealth applications. It is key to helping residents stay in touch with loved ones and caregivers.

HealthSignals’ ability to bring people closer through technology became particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. HealthSignals signed the FCC ‘Keep Americans Connected Pledge’ to ensure that facilities received support during this crisis. This continuous support kept their customers’ networks in peak condition even during periods of high demand by enabling video calls, Telehealth, and much more.

HealthSignals’ main mission has always been to solve the many pain points of Senior Living communities. Whether it has been providing the ability to communicate with loved ones for residents, securing sensitive data for security, or maximizing efficiency and fail-proof access for staff, HealthSignals understands what crucial role technology plays in everyone’s lives. With the ongoing pandemic, no individual and no business has been immune.

Many communities were financially impacted and cuts had to be made everywhere. Knowing that this has become a new pain point for communities, HealthSignals has decided to offer 3 months of free service for any new customers. This will be offered throughout the rest of this year as they hope to assist communities during this time of crisis and ensure that everyone has access to fail-proof technology while trying to alleviate the financial burden.

About HealthSignals 

HealthSignals® provides mission-critical telecommunications for Staff/Resident engagement to Senior Living Facilities; delivering Medical Grade Wi-Fi® and Cellular solutions supporting Telehealth.

HealthSignals has been providing white-glove telecommunications services for senior living communities since 2011. Their solution set includes Medical Grade Wi-Fi®, dedicated internet connections, cellular boost solutions, and ERCES systems. Their written performance guarantee sets them apart from the competition.

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