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Wi-Fi As A Service Model

One Dollar Per Day Per Unit – that will be the cost of deploying a Highly Secure, Facility Wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi® for LifePlan Communities*, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities. If service is also needed for Cottages/Villas, then any underground construction costs will be additional.

This offer requires No Capital Outlay and includes 24/7 monitoring and standard maintenance and service of equipment installed by HealthSignals. The service will cover a 100% of the rooms in the facility and will be fixed price for 60 – 84 months.

*Assumes 1) The facility has an internet connection today and
2) The building construction is of standard materials and design.

We Build Solutions That Last Longer

HealthSignals specializes in tele-communications networking solutions for Senior Living. Our Mission is to make a million lives better. That’s seniors, families, friends and senior living employees!

Our fiber optic Medical-Grade Wi-Fi®  solutions address the current and future challenges facing CCRCs and LTPACs. We build a fiber optic backbone incorporating next generation wireless technologies. Our platforms are software upgradeable as additional capacity is needed and we guarantee your network performance!

Our technology services are tailored to the unique needs of the senior living industry and include everything from strategic planning to network design, engineering, implementation and management. Medical-Grade Wi-Fi®network solutions are our specialty.

Performance and Technology Guarantee

HealthSignals is the only Wi-Fi provider we know of to provide a written performance guarantee that provides for:

  1. Guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage across all areas of your campus that are stipulated in your contract, excluding any new construction after our installation is completed
  2. Guaranteed Wi-Fi signal strength
  3. Guaranteed 99+% Availability of the Wi-Fi network after the initial burn-in phase (90-120 days after installation)

Capital Model

HealthSignals can provide financing for the entire project, including:

• Equipment Costs
• Construction Costs
• Maintenance Costs &
• Technology Upgrade Costs

This enables us to provide you with a technology guarantee and provide a “zero cap cost” option with a 7 year contract. In most cases, the total all in monthly costs are less than the amount your residents pay for TV, Phone and Internet today. Our solution will give them a superior voice, TV and Internet PLUS a Medical Grade Wi-Fi for that amount.

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