HealthSignals Launches Wi-Fi As A Service (WAAS) for $1/Day/Room for AL and Skilled Nursing

HealthSignals Launches Wi-Fi As A Service (WAAS) for $1/Day/Room for AL and Skilled Nursing


HealthSignals® Launches Wi-Fi Service for $1/day/room.

King of Prussia, PA: HealthSignals has launched a new service aimed at Senior Living and LTPAC facilities with less than 150 rooms/units called Wi-Fi As a Service (WAAS) for One Dollar a Day Per Room. This service does not require any capital outlay on the part of the facility. HealthSignals will provide monitoring and update of the network for a 5 year period, so the facility does not have to make any changes to their staffing.

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“We are constantly on the lookout for capabilities that not only give Senior Living Residents the convenience of ubiquitous Wi-Fi but also provides them the comfort of knowing that their network is secure through advanced technology.” said Bruce Weintraub, CEO of HealthSignals. “Many of the senior living leaders we have spoken with want to deploy robust facility wide Wi-Fi but do not have room in their capital budgets. This solution allows them to move forward with all of the Telemedicine and Resident Engagement solutions that the management wants to deploy, immediately.

About HealthSignals®, LLC

HealthSignals® focuses on technology solutions for the 360o needs of Senior Living and Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) communities. Our Fiber360-WiFi platform uniquely integrates Fiber and Wi-Fi to create a Medical Grade Wi-Fi utility; CareBlanket360 integrates the best of breed technologies from partners for remote sensor data with a PHR (Personal Health record) and family portal.

If you would like more information about HealthSignals, Fiber360 Wi-Fi or CareBlanket360, please call 610-337-1333 or email

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