The COVID-19 health crisis has been the driving force behind a number of changes in the way senior living communities operate. Post-pandemic, many of those changes will likely be permanent as they were inevitably going to be the future course of business in the long term. From digital communications to virtual tours and telehealth, new tools trends represent significant challenges for communities who want to reassure seniors and their families that their living environment is safe and secure.

Here are the top three ways digital tools can and are being used by senior living communities as we move into a new reality.

Virtual Tours

Many providers looking for an easy way to let people “experience” a prospective community are using virtual tours to give people a glimpse inside. They’re an effective way of reaching your audience and can be supplemented with other approaches such as video testimonials from current residents, interactive surveys, links to social media platforms, downloadable brochures, and live chat.

Meeting Safety Concerns Head-on

Striking the right tone during a pandemic can make all the difference in how people perceive a community’s commitment to keeping them safe. Online information sessions that provide high-quality insights establish your organization as a leader and innovator on matters pertaining to senior safety. While it’s true that the older adults’ perception of senior living has changed during the health crisis, most experts agree the future of senior living is optimistic. At a minimum, communities should be transparent about their cleaning and disinfecting procedures, availability of COVID-19 testing, telehealth accessibility, and protocols for dealing with possible infections.

Overcoming Isolation

As many senior communities in the country went into lockdown, the quality of life for older adults suffered, with many residents not able to see friends and family in person for months. Many communities have gotten creative in combating this problem:

  • Video conferences are arranged on a regular basis.
  • In some communities, relatives and other loved ones “visit” through a window or plastic partition.
  • Online activities like bingo and trivia games, meditation sessions, storytelling hours, sing-a-longs or karaoke, and virtual workout sessions are fun and healthy ways to alleviate feelings of loneliness and boredom.

Is Your Senior Living Community Equipped for a New Reality?

The current health crisis has affected all aspects of everyone’s lives and seniors have been particularly hard hit. Senior living communities must work hard to help them navigate these challenging times during their “golden years.” Digital tools can play a huge role in continuing to give residents the quality experience they and their caregivers expect.

Medical Grade Wi-Fi® can help your community meet the its residents’ changing digital needs by giving them quality, campus-wide internet service. For communities who want to get up to speed in providing the latest in tech tools to their residents but lack the resources to invest in the needed hardware, Medical-Grade Wi-Fi as a service (WaaS) can be the answer.

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