Cell phones are no longer a luxury; they’re essential. More people than ever rely on cell phones as their primary means of communication. They can help you keep you in touch with loved ones, healthcare providers, and coworkers for a healthier, more connected life.

Unfortunately, many senior living facilities don’t have adequate reception, which can limit residents’ and the staff serving them, abilities to communicate. Here are just a few of the ways that a cellular boost solution can help to improve the lives of those in senior living.

1. Connect with Loved Ones

Phones are designed to keep people connected. You can text, send pictures, video chat, browse social media, and play games with loved ones from all over the world.

For many seniors, cell phones have become the primary method of communication with their family members. Studies have shown that 91% of people 65 and older own cell phones and 53% own smartphones. But without service, seniors can’t connect with their loved ones. This is even more evident in the time of COVID-19 when for seniors in quarantine, the only means of connecting with their loved ones may be via mobile technologies.

A cellular boost solution can give seniors the gift of communication. They’ll be able to interact with their friends and family members for a happier, healthier senior living experience.

2. Talk to Healthcare Providers

Next to their families, seniors also need to be able to communicate with their healthcare providers. Speaking to a specialist is quick and easy with a cell phone. They’re easier to use and eliminate the need to remember names and numbers. Simply push a button and you’re connected.

Many doctors, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, are starting to rely on telehealth options to treat patients. But dropped calls or poor video quality act as a hindrance to providing the same quality of care as face to face. With a strong cellular signal, seniors can use their smartphones to meet with their doctors virtually, removing the need for transportation or risk of infection.

3. Stay Mentally Active and Entertained

Cell phones aren’t just good for communication; they can be used for entertainment as well. In a senior living environment, staying active and engaged is of the utmost importance, and studies have shown that mobile apps and online brain games can improve the cognitive abilities of seniors.

Downloading apps and playing online games use a lot of data and require a strong cellular signal. A cellular boost solution can help seniors stay online and engaged to stay sharp.

4. Facilitate Staff Communication for Better Care

Residents aren’t the only ones who rely on strong cell signal to communicate. Staff members frequently rely on their cell phones for updates in the form of texts, calls, or emails. For healthcare workers, not being able to get information in a timely manner can be dangerous. Having a strong cell signal can facilitate internal communication so healthcare workers can provide better, more efficient care for residents.

Cellular Boost Solutions for Better Senior Living

Everyone needs to be able to interact with their loved ones. For people in senior living, this isn’t as simple as it seems. Having access to a strong signal from a cellular boost solution can make all the difference. Residents will love being able to connect with their loved ones and healthcare providers, and the staff will be able to utilize the stronger signal to facilitate internal communications for improved patient care. A cellular boost solution is the perfect way to improve the lives of those in senior living. Contact HealthSignals here to learn more about our cellular boost solutions

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