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Seniors are increasingly armed with tablets, smartphones and laptops which require campus wide Wi-Fi. Medical and Operations staff needs Wi-Fi for operations and access to EMR across the campus.

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Monitoring residents’ health & safety inconspicuously and with extreme respect for their privacy concerns. Hardware agnostic solutions to protect investment value and mitigate vendor obsolescence.

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* Twin Lakes Community chooses HealthSignals for Campus-Wide Wi-Fi
* HealthSignals at Leading Age: Panel Discussion and Coaching
* HealthSignals at HackFest!
* Inglis House Completes State Of The Art Wi-fi Deployment

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The SLIC ( Senior Living Innovation Center Knowledgebase) is an open group for discussions about Technology and Process improvements that improve the quality of Senior Living either at home or in a Senior Living Community. Come discuss and participate with us and your peers in this community.

Garden Spot Village lays the foundation for the next decade with a “future-proof” Wi-Fi architecture. GSV administers Wi-Fi networks on multiple campuses from the same management console and uses application and location level traffic to do predictive analysis of the usage and future needs.

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Want some ballpark estimates on what it would take to get your CCRC / Assisted Living or Nursing Home facility to Medical Grade Wi-Fi? Click the link, fill out the form and let us give you a rapid estimate. You can use that as a basis for your budget planning for next year.

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