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Medical Grade Wi-Fi®

Campus Wide Wi-Fi is an expected amenity for new CCRC residents. HealthSignals can provide both the technology and financing to make Medical Grade Wi-Fi® a reality for your CCRC without a large capital outlay.

Our solution creates a new revenue stream for your organization that can more than pay for the entire implementation. You can make Campus Wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi®  happen this year!

What is Medical Grade Wi-Fi® ?

  • High Capacity for Vital Devices
  • HIPAA Compliant Security
  • 99% Reliability for your wireless network
  • Certainty of Coverage with overlapping Wi-Fi access points
  • Design to Eliminate Single Point of Failure
  • Signal Strength -65dB or Greater
  • Wi-Fi as a Service
    • $1 per day per Residential Unit*
    • No Capital Expenses for the Facility
    • Or;
  • Capital Project
  • Maintenance and Service Included
  • 24/7 monitoring by HealthSignals
  • Annual Performance Report

*Using Your Existing Internet Connection (Upgrades available)

Medical Grade Wi-Fi® for Senior Living facilities by HealthSignals

One Dollar Per Day Per Unit


One Dollar Per Day Per Unit – that will be the cost of deploying a Highly Secure, Facility Wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi® for LifePlan Communities*, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities. If service is also needed for Cottages/Villas, then any underground construction costs will be additional. This offer requires No Capital Outlay and includes 24/7 monitoring and standard maintenance and service of equipment installed by HealthSignals. The service will cover 100% of the rooms in the facility and will be a fixed price for 60 – 84 months.


1) Your facility already has an acceptable Internet connection and;
2) your building construction is of standard materials and design.

Residential Wi-Fi Needs

“Netflix® on the couch next to the window in the corner of my bedroom” is the expectation of your new residents. Your new residents come armed with Wi-Fi-enabled phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and streaming devices and they expect all of these to work in their new home. That requires seamless Wi-Fi across your entire campus, including residents’ homes.

HealthSignals’ Medical Grade Wi-Fi® is a “Future Proof” solution with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over a five or seven-year contract (something that will make your CFO smile). HealthSignals offers the only Technology and Performance Guarantee among Wi-Fi providers. Get a Free Assessment to see how we can provide you with Campus Wide Wi-Fi with no Capital Cost.

Medical Grade Wireless Network

Operations Wi-Fi Needs

“Telemedicine in Independent Living ” will be a marketing header for all CCRC and LifePlan Communities in the very near future. How will you respond? A future-proof Medical Grade Wi-Fi that is reliable and secure will enable Telemedicine in IL, AL and SNF to allow physician coverage, 24/7 across your campus.

An Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi that works across your campus will significantly streamline operations workflow, increase operational efficiency and improve responsiveness to resident requests. The benefits of fast, reliable Wi-Fi extend beyond operations into improved staff morale and retention.

Wi-Fi Survey and Assessment

Want to know if your CCRC/LifePlan Community or an SNF has adequate coverage so that your Telemedicine or Remote Monitoring solution will have the necessary coverage and throughput? Our experts can provide you with a simple or comprehensive survey with key concerns highlighted to ensure that poor Wi-Fi does not prevent you from achieving your goals for resident connectivity and telehealth services.
The fee for our site survey will be deducted from the cost of implementation of your HealthSignals final solution.

Emergency Communications – Rapid Deployment Kit

HealthSignals’ RDK for CCRCs is a solution to help keep critical services operational in a disaster where the Internet and Phone lines may not be available. Our RDK is designed to get the facility up and back online in under one hour.

The widely available Wi-Fi phone programs from the major carriers will enable residents to use their smartphones and communicate with their families through the RDK.

Contact HealthSignals today to discuss how you can get all the benefits of Medical Grade Wi-Fi® for your campus.

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