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HealthSignals can provide both the technology and financing to make High Performance Medical Grade Wi-Fi® a reality for your CCRC without a large capital outlay. Our fiber optic Medical Grade Wi-Fi® solutions address the current & future challenges facing CCRCs and LTPACs. Our solution creates a new revenue stream for your organization that can more than pay for the entire implementation. You can make Campus Wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi® happen this year!

  • High Capacity For Vital Devices
  • HIPAA Compliant Security
  • 99% Reliability
  • Certainty Of Coverage With Overlapping Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Design To Eliminate Single Point Of Failure
  • Signal Strength -65 dBm Or Greater
  • Wi-Fi As A Service
  • $1 Per Day Per Residential Unit*
  • Maintenance And Service Included
  • 24/7 Monitoring By Healthsignals
  • Annual Performance Report

*Using existing Internet connection (upgrades available). Excludes cottages/villas (available at additional cost)
Your choice of no Capital Expense (WaaS) or Capital Project.


Andrew Dietzel

The exemplary performance of the team and the network in Phase I gave us the confidence to go ahead with the entire Campus Wi-FI project. We have received extremely positive comments from our residents and staff about the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi in the common areas, including the Healthcare areas. The HealthSignals solution is far superior to the personally paid services some residents have in their apartments.

Andrew Dietzel
Garden Spot Village

Gavin Kerr

HealthSignals brings a comprehensive approach to the entire telecommunications platform. We always seek to have great working relationships with vendors but it is the rare chance when a vendor becomes a partner like HealthSignals.
The HealthSignals’ medical-grade Wi-Fi helps improve not only the quality of life for our residents by providing internet access, but also allows greater communication with the various adapted technologies used in their rooms and throughout the facility.

Gavin Kerr
President and CEO of Inglis Foundation


I just thought I would drop you a note telling you about the new Wi-Fi.
With the old Wi-Fi, I was unable to watch movies on my Netflix. It would take forever to download…. Three nights ago I decided to try to watch a movie on Netflix, and to my much welcomed surprise, Netflix came right on, I chose my movie and it downloaded within seconds. I watched the movie straight to the end with no interruptions of any kind. It was like having my own private showing of the movie, no interruptions, no outside noise and the perfect volume. Since then, I have watched a new movie each night and I will continue to do so. Thank you so much for all that Inglis House and its benefactors did to making this possible for all the residents who live here!

?Inglis House

Karen and Yordanos

“The HealthSignals team was great! They exceeded our expectations.”

Karen and Yordanos
Presby’s Inspired Life


HealthSignals has been wonderful in taking care of us and with great patience.

You are tops in customer service!

Twin Lakes Community

Next Gen Technologies

Rapid technology changes can be daunting. We will take that burden off of your shoulders by future proofing your system at design and upgrading the technology as your business needs change in order to deliver on our performance guarantee.

Performance Guarantee

We are the only Wi-Fi provider with a 100% focus on Senior Living that provides coverage and signal strength guarantee. Our Worry-Free Wi-Fi as a Service is exactly that.

24/7 Support

Our customer support will flex according to your needs; we provide complete coverage from resident calls to expert resolution or can scale it back to support your onsite technical teams to ensure that the residents have seamless Wi-Fi coverage.

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